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Commonly Asked Questions


How are appointments handled at Healing Tree?

Your first appointment is generally an initial evaluation, which lasts approximately 50 minutes. This will allow enough time to gather information about why you are seeking assistance at this time, as well as assure that you have ample time to ask questions. You may be asked to arrive early in order to fill out initial session paperwork or this paperwork can be completed online. Follow up sessions will last 50 minutes and are generally each week at the same time to provide consistency. You may be asked to practice something during the week in order to continue the work done in session. This is optional and is available if you feel it would enhance your experience.


Cancellations and Missed Appointments

We ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment. In the event of a late cancellation, there is a charge of $60. In the event of a missed appointment, you are responsible for the full session fee due to the space being reserved specifically for you and made unavailable to others.

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How much will each session cost?

Payment is required at the time of services rendered. Currently sessions fees are as follows:


Initial Consultation: $175

Individual Psychotherapy (adult or child): $150

Couples/Family Therapy Session: $150


We accept cash, check, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover as forms of payment. A $25 service fee will be charged in the event of a returned check.

Can my insurance pay for my sessions?

At this time, we accept the following insurances: Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, ComPsych, Magellan, United Behavioral Health, Value Options, and Virginia Health Network.  If you don't see your plan listed, please call our office to discuss insurance coverage. 

What paperwork will I need to complete?

If you didn't complete our Intake Form when you scheduled your appointment (online), you may fill it out ahead of time and bring it into the office on your first visit.


Our Informed Consent document details the relationship between Healing Tree Counseling and our clients, and acknowledges receipt of our Notice of Privacy Practices.

How private is my information?

All interactions with our counselors, including scheduling of appointments, your records, content of your sessions, and progress in counseling, are kept confidential within our office. On occasion, we may consult with another professional in order to provide you with the best service possible. If we do so, such consulting clinicians will be bound by the same confidentiality agreement and will not be provided with any identifying information.


Under certain circumstances, we may be required to share confidential information under legal mandate. These circumstances are outlined below:


  • Imminent risk of harm: When there is reason to believe that a client may be at imminent risk of harming him/herself/hirself, others, and/or property, we have the legal and ethical option to warn appropriate authorities.

  • Cases of abuse and neglect: When there is reason to believe that a minor, or elderly person, or a person with a disability is in danger of being, or has been physically, emotionally, or sexually abused or neglected, I am obliged by law to report the information to the appropriate authorities.

  • Orders from Courts of Law & Criminal Proceedings: When a court of law orders a therapist to release information, the therapist must comply with such an order.


Additionally, clients can give written consent for me to provide information to others (e.g. psychiatrists, doctors, case workers, etc.) in an effort to coordinate treatment.

What rights do I have under HIPAA guidelines?

Private Health Information may be used and disclosed in the following circumstances:


  • When required for public health issues such as workman’s compensation.

  • Information that is necessary in order to file insurance claims and successfully complete all billing and collection procedures.

  • When required by any state or federal law, including abuse and neglect.

  • When required for any specialized government or military functions including active personnel, reservist, veterans, and discharged members ofthe military service. Also, for any person confined to a correctional institution or under any law enforcement supervision.

  • When used for any clerical purposes and necessary chart audits.


You as the client have rights to your private Health Information, including: 


  • The right to review your records or receive a copy of your records at any time by signing a written release. However, under certain rare circumstances your request can be denied. If needed, interpretation of the records will be provided. Requests for records will be honored within 30-60 days.

  • The right to request information of any party that has requested information pertaining to your private health information.

  • The right to receive confidential information regarding your private health information.

  • The right to revoke this consent in writing, however, this will not affect any information already disclosed.

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