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Kathryn Ryder, LPC

It isn’t  always easy to take that first step into therapy, but once you have, the benefits are worth the taking the chance.    Whether you are battling mental illness or dealing with life transitions or challenges, a good counselor can be the difference between moving forward or being stuck.  


I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Radford University, and became licensed as a professional counselor in 2009.  With over a decade of experience working in the mental health field and a thirst for learning new and up-to-date research and treatment, I am prepared to help.  I take a Trauma-Informed and compassionate approach to treatment, and my goal is to help you overcome the barriers preventing you from living your best life.   I provide short-term, solution-focused therapy, as well as using longer-term insight-oriented treatment.  The ultimate goal is to work together to find the approach and the timeline that works best for you.   


I believe we all have the ability to overcome difficulties, but sometimes it just takes an extra push or a hand up.   Take the first step to getting un-stuck, and realize your potential!


I work with adults with the following concerns:


·       Anxiety & Depression

·       Trauma

·       Life transitions & Crisis

·       LGBTQ+

·       Grief & Loss

·       Body Image / HAES-aligned

·       Work/Life balance

·       Self-esteem Struggles

·       Relationship Problems

·       Alternative Lifestyles



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